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Fetal medicine is a new branch of medicine that includes the assessment of fetal growth and well being, the maintenance of fetal health and the diagnosis of fetal illnesses and abnormalities. As technological advances have improved the ability of sonologists for prenatal diagnosis, so has our capability to diagnose problems before birth. Fetus is therefore increasingly becoming an independent individual, and fetal medicine is the specialty that deals with this unborn patient. Fetal medicine is a relatively new specialty that often requires the expertise of a team which includes specialists, namely obstetricians, perinatologists (also called maternal - fetal medicine specialists), neonatalogists, paediatric cardiologists, paediatric surgical specialists, geneticists and others.

Fetal Medicine deals with two aspects of a typical Pregnancy:


Prenatal Diagnosis


Fetal Treatment

The Purpose of Prenatal Diagnosis includes

  • Providing reassurance and reducing anxiety especially among high risk groups
  • To inform and prepare the parents for the birth of an affected child
  • To allow inutero treatment
  • Plan for transfer to a tertiary centre
  • Discontinue pregnancy with an affected fetus

Methods of Prenatal Diagnosis includes

Non Invasive

Non Invasive Testing Includes
1. Ultrasonography
2. Maternal Serum Screening


Invasive Testing Includes
1. Chorionic Villus Sampling
2. Amniocentesis
3. Fetal blood sampling

Dr. Chitra Ganesh talk in Zee TV on awareness about what is Fetal Medicine

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