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Ultrasound Scanning in Pregnancy

Mediscan Alumni Travelling Seminar On Obstetric Ultrasound and Fetal Medicine A Report

The first Mediscan Alumni Travelling seminar on Obstetric ultrasound and Fetal medicine was organised by Karthik Ultrasound Scan Centre, at JSS auditorium, Bangalore on November 11th, 2012

The seminar started with an invocation song by Dr. Parimala Devi, consultant obstetrician from Fortis hospitals. Dr. Chitra Ganesh, the convenor of the seminar welcomed the gathering and reiterated the objectives of the Mediscan alumni in spreading the motto of Mediscan “ Learn, Teach and Serve“. She invited all the participants to share data from their practices with the Mediscan team and the alumni sinologists to draw possible insights specific to India. Dr. Savita Shirodkar, a Mediscan alumnus, currently Fetal Medicine consultant at Rangadore Hospital, Bangalore was the master of ceremonies for the morning session.

The first session on “Fetal Growth – a rational approach” was moderated by Prof. S. Suresh, with Drs. Rama Murthy, Priti Venkatesh, Hema Divakar as panelists. The emphasis on correct dating of pregnancy early in gestation and adhering to it in future scans which forms the most important step in fetal growth assessment was brought our through case discussions.

Dr. Phani Madhuri, a young obstetrician and a student of Mediscan Bangalore Scan training centre presented a capsule on “Single umbilical artery “ , its implications with follow ups on the cases diagnosed at Karthik Ultrasound Scan Centre.

The next session on “Fetal Heart – Demystified”, saw experts in fetal cardiac imaging Drs Indrani Suresh, Shanthi Sairam & Priti Venkatesh bringing forth how to image the basic views in heart and diagnose anomalies.

This was followed by the Grand Masters – Prof S. Suresh & Dr. Indrani Suresh highlighting the importance of perinatal pathology in aiding & completing the diagnosis in various anomalies.

Dr. Sujatha Jagadeesh, consultant dysmorphologist from Mediscan simplified the concept of “Genetics in prenatal diagnosis“. This was well appreciated by delegates.

The next Capsule presentation on “FTS – our experience” was by Dr. Leela Shankar, a student of Bangalore Mediscan Scan Training centre. She clearly outlined what the obstetrician should look for when they ask for first trimester screening. She also presented the statistics from Karthik Ultrasound Scan Centre, on the number of patients sent for FTS and their follow ups.

The pre-lunch panel on GDM & Fetus was moderated by Dr. Hema Divakar, a alumnus of Mediscan with Prof Suresh, Drs Indrani Suresh & Latha Venkatram as panelists. The panel made it clear on how should we screen for GDM and also on the USG surveillance during pregnancy.

The alumni of Mediscan always felt the need to acknowledge and honour great teachers, who through their sheer passion helped in spreading the knowledge of ultrasound and fetal medicine all through our country. The highlight of the seminar was conferring the Distinguished Teacher Award on Dr. B.S. Rama Murthy, who pioneered the application of Ultrasound in clinical diagnosis and treatment in the state of Karnataka and at the same time spread the knowledge by training several post-graduate students. The award was presented to him by Dr. Latha Natarajan , the first alumnus of Mediscan.

This was followed by a talk on “Fetal Skeletal dysplasia –a systematic approach”, by Dr. B.S. Rama Murthy, who through his simplified and clear approach highlighted on how a short long bone case should be followed up.

Fetal Infections which have always posed a great dilemma to the obstetricians and sonologists was dealt with by Dr. Suresh in his talk “Fetal infection – An enigma “, in course of which he explained in a simple and clear way how to interpret the serology and what are the features in ultrasound which triggers the suspicion of a feral infection and what interventions need to be done.

The final talk of the day was on “Cervical length – current evidence” by Dr. Chitra Ganesh, who highlighted on how & when to measure the cervix and what is its implications in predicting pre-term labor.

Dr. Chitra Ganesh concluded the seminar with a vote of thanks. She thanked all the trade participants and sponsors – Perkin Elmer Health Sciences, MediaLogic Solutions Pvt Ltd, GE Healthcare, Trivitron Systems, Philips and Mindray for their continued support. She also expressed her thanks to Skyline Communications, JSS Auditorium and Vasudev Adiga’s Fast Foods Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Rajagopal of MediaLogic solutions offered his help and assistance to all alumni who would want to standardise their ultrasound sound reporting. Dr. Manjunath, a user of Sonocare, reporting software shared his experience on the how the Sonocare has become an important part of his practice.


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